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Scotland talks about sex

Talk Sex Videos

Ayr talks about Sex

Ayr talks about sex

(1 min, 18s)

Fife talks about Sex

Fife talks about sex

(1 min, 38s)

Glasgow talks about Sex

Glasgow talks about sex

(1 min, 30s)

Sex Talk Videos - Professional

Sex Therapist - Advice on talking to your partner

Sex Therapist - advice on talking to your partner

(1 min, 27s)

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy

(3 min, 39s)

Reasons to get tested

Reasons to get tested

(1 min, 45s)

Meet the Expert Sexual Therapist

Meet the expert Sexual Therapist

(1 min, 55s)

Meet the expert Relationship Counsellor

Meet the expert Relationship Counsellor

(1 min, 34s)

Meet the Expert Lead Nurse

Meet the expert Lead Nurse

(2 min, 13s)

Meet the Expert_GP

Meet the expert GP

(2 min, 10s)

Meet the Expert - Consultant

Meet the expert Consultant

(1 min, 40s)


LLRC - longer lasting reversible contraception

(1 min, 48s)

Importance of good communication

Importance of good communication

(2 min, 37s)

GP service

GP service

(3 min, 43s)

Contraceptive Advice

Contraceptive advice

(5 min, 57s)

About Gum Clinics

About GUM Clinics

(4 min, 13s)